Conference Center Management

Conference Center Management

When you choose Federal Conference, you can feel confident you are working with a leading conference facility management partner for exceptional meeting facilitation and support. Our highly skilled team of industry veterans and expert planners oversees every facet of your facility. With a portfolio of 3,000 successful events delivered annually, Federal Conference provides an integrated management and operational logistic planning process that combines scheduling and personnel with an optimum conference facility coverage at the lowest cost.

Schedule Management

The facility schedule is key to our performance; therefore, all of our managers and support staff have real-time visibility of the event schedules and the facility meeting space master schedule. We store event scheduling, equipment coordination, and logistical communication on our reporting and tracking database, which is accessible 24/7 by our team. This database provides quantitative reporting functionality for schedule management, event requests, and equipment inventory management. Our team strives for a smooth coordination process concerning all critical requirements while maintaining full project momentum, fulfillment of client commitments, and execution of milestones through these services and more:

  • Collecting and capturing data on meeting space utilization and analyzing reports to make effective business decisions that will improve efficiency; evaluating and updating the conference Operations Procedures and Guidance Manual
  • Meeting with you and your event manager to facilitate meeting and service needs
  • Providing onsite assistance with all AV/IT troubleshooting and other service requests

Hospitality Management

Our team strategically identifies needed support services for events and conferences. With the Federal Conference Innovation Team adept at researching and determining adjustments to program systems, we meet the current “needs, wants, and must-haves” of our customers. Our model allows us to focus on the customer while still maintaining control of the moving parts and changing requirements. This approach ensures comprehensive and successful delivery of critical events and meetings ranging from small/intimate events to citywide conventions with thousands of attendees. We provide successful delivery of the following supports:

  • Integrated Work Plans
  • Complex Audio-Visual Configurations
  • Event Onsite Support
  • Meeting Space Scheduling and Set-up
  • Facilitator / Speaker Management
  • Off-site Negotiations and Arrangement

Operations and Maintenance

Federal Conference provides effective support for scheduling, operations services, maintenance, and onsite management of all facility meeting rooms and equipment. We ensure productive events by effectively communicating with the client event manager, asking the right questions, determining the most effective meeting room set up requirements, and coordinating with other vendors for equipment and support needs. Tasks related to conference support are created through our comprehensive analysis of client needs and event feedback. Our team assumes the form of an initial setup workflow comprising the following steps:

  • Need Analysis – determines the crucial functions of management and support tasks (i.e. technicians, AV plan, speaker management, security, etc.)
  • Organizational Process Resolution – determines the methods needed for top efficiency and trains employees on their execution
  • Configuration Analysis – divides duties between administration, maintenance, and management staff to minimize overlap and encourage specialization

Administrative Support

Our managers and administrative staff provide support for a variety of organizations and businesses hosting events in your facility. We perform daily monitoring and reviewing of business systems, focusing on specific outcomes such as improved timescales, turnover, output, sales, etc. The Federal Conference team brings experienced administrators and managers across a diverse range of functions:

  • Customer Service
  • Schedule Management
  • Budget Management
  • Project Management
  • Database Management
  • Records Management
  • Systems Analysis
  • Risk Management

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