Registration Solutions

Registration Solutions

The registration process is often the first part of the attendee journey, and it is critical to make this entry point seamless, scalable, user-friendly, and tailored for your event. It should also be designed to best support your meeting agenda, attendee needs, and data and reporting requirements. Federal Conference’s expert registration team will assist you in finding the right registration software, mobile application, and onsite badge delivery solution to get your event off to a smooth, hassle-free start.  Our team is experienced with a wide variety of registration platforms to make sure you have the best solution in place to integrate with your other event management tools, ensuring that your event data is shared efficiently across all your platforms.  Our registration solutions will also help you manage one of the most difficult challenges for registering attendees for your event—getting paid. Whether it is a full-service payment gateway and merchant account services to collect payments for your event, or connecting a payment gateway to your own merchant account, we offer a number of flexible options for you to collect registration payments. 

Registration Management

The registration system is the first opportunity for you to set the tone for the type of event experience attendees may anticipate. Federal Conference will design, build and manage a dedicated registration portal that captures all pertinent attendee information.  We leverage best-in-class solutions that provide you with an intuitive, streamlined online form for your attendees to provide required registration data with a back-end management dashboard and reporting for you to access all the information you need, anytime you need it.  Our registration solutions comply with data and privacy regulatory requirements to provide your attendees’ personal information as well as financial data in our payment collection systems, including the General Data Protection Regulation and US Government regulations regarding Personally Identified Information.  We can design everything from a simple Registration Portal to collect attendee information and accept payments for registration fees, to a more comprehensive event website that includes not only online registration, but also schedule or agenda for your event, speaker biographies, event venue information, event housing, exhibit and sponsorship sales, plus any additional content you want to provide to your attendees.  For more information about our Website Design and Development services, please visit our Technology page.

Call Center

Call Centers are also critical to your guest experience and need to be expertly staffed to handle important guest inquiries and concerns. We maintain a Professional Call Center on your behalf, providing customer service and support to attendees Monday through Friday, 8:30 am — 5:00 pm EST (holidays excluded). Our call center staff members are meticulously and thoroughly trained to be a courteous and informative resource.

Call center staff provide the following attendee support via email and phone:

  • Answering general registration questions
  • Troubleshooting and resolving issues
  • Facilitating registration substitutions
  • Processing new registrations
  • Communicating and enforcing refund/cancellation policies

Name Badges

We ensure that we accurately represent your brand and desired attendee experience starting from the very beginning, through the entire event process, until your guests say their goodbyes. Name badge management is a key element to the look and feel of your meeting or conference, helping to ensure a “buttoned up” impression. As a full-service partner, Federal Conference can provide name badge management services ranging from pre-printed solutions with custom sizes, colors, and logos to simple, “on demand” onsite solutions. Services include:

  • Option for you to select which attendee fields of information are printed on the badge
  • Pre-printed name badges in alphabetical order sent directly to the venue
  • Along with pre-printed name badges, Federal Conference can provide lanyards (branded or blank) and name badge holders (branded, clear, or colored)
  • Option to further customize with ribbons attached to the name badges

Onsite Badge Printing

Federal Conference delivers the latest technology to make a great impression and solve potential challenges for your guests. One example that may help avoid long lines is onsite badge printing. Onsite badge printing allows attendees to put their name badge needs in their own hands and receive instant gratification with their badges. Advantages include:

  • A sleek look with kiosks
  • Accessible solution, as attendees search their name and print their own badge
  • Efficient solution for events with high traffic and large number of attendees

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