Website Design and Development

The event registration website is the first opportunity to “set the stage” for the type of event experience attendees can anticipate. Federal Conference will design, build and manage an engaging, dedicated website that captures all pertinent information. Website services include:

  • Customized design and development of dedicated website including all information and registration processes, offering a variety of programming options based on budget and preferences
  • Option for you to host your own event site and utilize a link to begin the registration process, or Federal Conference can host event information and registration portals on our platform
  • Design of highly personalized online experience — each different attendee type (i.e. attendee, staff, speaker, etc.) will experience a targeted communication; the site can show pertinent information only to that particular attendee type during the registration process
  • Customized pricing options for registrants (option for attendees to choose individual sessions, tours, events or meals with different fees based on those choices; options can easily be added to the registration experience and managed with waitlists
  • Customized registration opportunities, such as option for one individual to complete group registrations and expanded fee planning options that support a wide variety of pricing structures
  • Social media planning and engagement to support and expand online presence
  • Comprehensive email marketing campaigns to support online engagement, ensuring attendees stay informed and connected to the event through unlimited customized email invitations, confirmations, reminders and updates

Mobile App Design and Development

People attend events to learn and connect. We provide technology solutions to ensure your attendees take full advantage of all the engaging content and opportunities to network. Our mobile app for attendees, available in App Store and Google Play, keeps information in one place, helping guests to easily navigate the event journey from beginning to end. You can create and launch your event app without having to go through the steps of creating a developer account and submitting to app stores. A quick and easy solution to get your app live and in your registrant’s hands!

  • Offer contact information exchanges, shared content, personal calendar, live floor map, speakers bios, session schedules, session feedback, and more
  • Allow registrants to manage everything from registrations to connections, meetings, certification and education credits all in one technology platform
  • Use in-app notifications for activity reminders and/or new information
  • Personalize information options according to the type of attendee
  • Enable your audience to engage with tools that hypercharge their experience
  • Leverage sponsorship and exhibitor tools
  • Track and analyze key event metrics and activities
  • Apply built-in security and privacy controls

Lead Generation and Tracking

Our lead generation and tracking solution is a comprehensive platform for exchanging information; registering guests, exhibitors and sponsors; scheduling events; and more. Integrate this with our registration website services for a seamless communications and measurement plan across your entire event. This streamlined approach will allow you to:

  • Accelerate registration time and set up
  • Monitor events in real time and make adjustments as needed
  • Watch traffic and organize on-site staff management
  • Accumulate valuable data for post-event analysis and planning

Session Scanning

We provide comprehensive session scanning solutions that measure all the critical information you desire, capturing pertinent data and generating reports for immediate and post-event analysis.

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