The Referent Group, a healthcare leadership development company announced today they have launched new enhanced services with Federal Conference. Part of the new services offered to attendees is a custom developed registration process that will engage leaders as they begin their development journey. The Referent Group develops and delivers original content and coaching concepts providing a rich leadership development experience that is unparalleled in the medical industry. Our leadership development programs are designed by proven physician leaders to transform a leader’s capability to maximize the impact of their communication on teams and revolutionize their influence within the organization.

“Welcoming new Physician leaders to our conferences begins at the registration process and these executives expect to have a flawless experience,” says Tom Hustead, Co-Founding Partner, and Retired Colonel. “There were two reasons we selected Federal Conference, one they offer specialized solutions that ensure we deliver the right experience and two it allows us to stay focused on the critical task at hand of helping each Physician discover their “voice” as a leader and maximize their impact within their teams and their organization. Our partnership with Federal Conference has allowed us to reduce our administrative burden in both time and costs,” Hustead goes on to say.    

“Federal Conference is honored to have the opportunity to serve this industry leading organization at a time when our healthcare workers are so critical,” says Keith Kruse, President and COO. “Working to support a leading organization that is pushing the boundaries for leadership development I believe is critical in the current environment” Kruse states.

Federal Conference currently works with numerous healthcare organizations to support their mission of education and information sharing that ultimately impacts patients’ lives. Flawless production is critical for any event however, healthcare is stretched thin and the need to learn and engage is more important than ever.

About Federal Conference
At Federal Conference, Our Expertise Is Your Event. We deliver more than 3,000 meetings, conferences and tradeshows per year around the world for corporate, association, and government clients. Our planning team is industry certified and experienced in creating innovative event programs that increase attendance, maximize revenue, and deliver an exceptional experience for all participants. We leverage best-in-class solutions for event planning, site selection, registration, housing management, and onsite delivery to make every event extraordinary and stress free. To learn more about Federal Conference please visit http://www.federalconference.com

About The Referent Group
The Referent Group provides customized leadership development programs for Physician Leaders. Our CME accredited conferences are followed with longitudinal cohorts and one to one coaching. The Referent Group’s talented team of teachers, and coaches, provide a proven leadership development experience where Physician Leader’s learn to: lead self with a greater sense of their core values and well-being; lead others with proven trustworthy communication that motivates teams; and lead organizational evolution influencing cultural shifts to resolve complex problems with health care systems. Visit https://www.thereferentgroup.com/

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