Housing Management for your Event Planning

Before we start explaining why Housing Mangement is very important for your event, let’s explain what Housing Mangement is. A booking database needs to be set up that has all the event’s hotel information and allows the attendees to review the available hotels and make their reservations online. The system should allow tracking of all rooms and blocks of rooms, whether they are made by a group or an individual to ensure the contractual obligations for each contracted hotel are met. The database should be set up so that event planners can also track their room block progress through live reports in real time and make necessary changes.

The process of housing management can be overwhelming. Using a housing management company allows you to concentrate on your event’s success.

Because you need to track room nights within the event blocks, you need live event reporting, and it is important to have a determined and dedicated management team.

So, why is Housing Management important for your event?

A Housing Management team ensures every event is a win-win for all parties. The team will help you to meet the mark at each hotel with effective room block management. They will also offer real-time, accurate reporting to help guarantee that there will not be bad surprises.

Most hotels will only sign a contract with a group that contains an attrition clause, which means that if the client did not fill the amount of room nights they contracted for, they would owe the hotel the difference between the number of room nights they contracted for and the number they utilized. You need a team that will work hard to avoid this penalty and watch the whole process to avoid a bad experience.

What we offer:

  • Maximize room pickup within event blocks
  • Reduce slippage
  • Minimize book-arounds
  • Avoid attrition
  • Accurate reporting
  • Faster rebate payments
  • Minimize your workload

Federal Conference has the staff, resources, time and knowledge to manage housing for each of your event attendees. Managing all these details is our expertise. We act as a liaison to make the process smooth and valuable for all parties involved. Our goal is to build a relationship with the organization and attendees and make the experience as customized for the group as possible. We have built strong industry relationships and we have years of experience, helping to ensure that your event will succeed, and the outcome will be beneficial for both you and the participants.

Federal Conference strives to ensure attrition is eliminted or at a level that is achievable for clients.

Services Provided

  • Analyzing event’s room block and previous event pick up history to ensure adequate inventory is contracted
  • Building and managing a dedicated website to host all hotel group reservations
  • Providing dedicated customer service to Client’s guests via phone and email, and assisting guests to create, modify or cancel their records
  • Managing contracted hotel venue inventory thoughout the life cycle of event with focus on Client’s attrition risk, including cut-off date management
  • Cleaning rooming lists regularly to maximize usage of contracted block
  • Reporting pick up to partner hotels to ensure correct inventory tracking until cut-off date
  • Providing hotel guest rooming list to contracted hotels and distributing hotel confirmation records to guests
  • Coordinating in-house hotel reports between venue and Client

Questions? We’d like to hear from you and are here to help.