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Citywide Conventions

Thousands of attendees and exhibitors, a vast geographic footprint, and large-scale economic impact. Citywide conventions require planning by a seasoned team that has expertise in the impact of these productions, which can completely transform a city. The fact is, it’s never too early to begin planning citywides, and it’s important to have a team in place that understands the sheer logistics required and can leverage negotiating strength. Federal Conference has worked with national associations, government entities and large corporations to produce events which require coordination among multiple stakeholders. We understand the complexities of these events, and can help you plan ahead, stay on track and overcome challenges.

Conferences and Seminars

Conferences and seminars provide your organization the opportunity to connect and engage with important audiences and share critical content. While developing and managing content is key, there are a myriad of details that need your focus throughout the planning process. In many ways, your event is a living, breathing entity, requiring constant attention. Event management is not just a matter of “checking the boxes”. Successful event delivery requires knowledgeable staff with the skills and experience to manage what can be a very fluid and changing environment, preventing issues before they arise. Let our team handle all the logistical tasks on your behalf. When we support your team in the planning process, you can focus on delivering the most meaningful experience for your guests.

Trade Shows and Expos

Trade shows are highly effective as part of a marketing strategy, as there is no substitute for face-to-face meetings with prospects and partners. But they are an enormous investment, requiring a great deal of organization to ensure attendees and exhibitors have a valuable experience that keeps them coming back. Our team will help you plan, assist with your sales efforts, and employ the latest solutions and trends to help you deliver an event that meets your attendance, engagement and revenue goals.


Annual Meetings

When you are given one big opportunity a year to bring your audience together, it is imperative that you deliver a stellar experience and make a lasting impression.  Our team members are highly skilled in annual event planning and execution.  We will partner with you to create powerful networking and educational experiences for guests that contribute to the overall success of your organization. We assist with establishing goals and budgets, selecting the right market and negotiating for the right venue, recommending and implementing leading digital tools, assisting with sponsorship sales and marketing communications, onsite management, and post-event analysis.

Board Meetings

With board meetings, details such as the location, accommodations, refreshments and equipment should be seamless to allow attendees to focus and make the most effective use of their valuable time. Our seasoned team will take on all the logistics, delivering thoughtful execution for every single element, including ensuring the right technology is available, tested and ready. All our services are designed to allow you to focus on the important considerations of agenda and strategic discussions.

Corporate Meetings, Sales Meetings, Product Launches

Orchestrating a professionally-organized event is critically important when you only get one chance to make the right first impression. Corporate meetings such as sales meetings and product launches require a great deal of organization and creativity. Allow our industry-savvy team to handle detailed logistical planning and help you come up with fresh ideas to ensure you effectively deliver your strategic objectives and content. We can help you create the perfect atmosphere to inspire engagement and innovation. Federal Conference will act as a force multiplier and share best practices and trends, enhancing the overall experience, while increasing return on investment.

Team Training

Creating the right atmosphere is key to successful training and team building. We partner with you throughout the planning process, from helping you find the perfect venue, to deciding how best to meet learning objectives, to mapping out a plan for activities and breaks. Our support allows you to focus on content delivery, ensuring your key training objectives are successfully met.


Social Meetings and Retreats

When it’s time to take a little break from business, allow our team to support you in ensuring your guests have the opportunity to relax. Together, we’ll plan the perfect outing, ensuring your guests experience an enjoyable retreat.




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